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AngelList is the largest investment and job search platform connecting entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors. Co-investors …
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Wealthfront is the world’s largest and fastest-growing automated investment service with over $2.3 billion in client assets. Investors include …
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Shots is a selfie community of 5M+ tweens, teens and young adults that love to express themselves in fun and positive ways. Investors include …
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Banjo instantly organizes the world’s social and digital signals by location, giving an unprecedented understanding of what’s happening …
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Cruise has built the first highway autopilot system that installs on your existing vehicle. Investors include Signia Venture Partners, Google …
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Chariot solves your commute by designing and operating better transit routes, one neighborhood at a time. Investors include SoftTech …
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AltspaceVR is a software company building a social platform for virtual reality on the new Oculus hardware; selected as Best of CES …
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Epic! is the leading all-you-can-read eBook service with over 10,000 quality booksfor kids 12 and under. Investors include Menlo Ventures …
Jim Scheinman headshot
Jim Scheinman
Founder &
Managing Partner
Jim has achieved 3 ‘unicorn’-level successes over the past 20 years and serves as a highly engaged investor and mentor for all companies in the Maven portfolio. Jim’s top performers as a founder, executive, and angel investor include Bebo …
Sara Thomas headshot
Sara Thomas
Sara has been working with startup founders for over seven years. In addition to investing in seed-stage consumer startups at Maven, she works hands-on with the 20+ companies in the Maven portfolio and manages the Maven mentor network …
Josh Elman headshot
Josh Elman
Greylock, Facebook, Twitter
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Andy Johns
Facebook, Twitter, Quora
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Annie Chang
Homejoy, Lolapps
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Akash Garg
Gustaf Alstromer headshot
Gustaf Alstromer
airbnb, Voxer
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Amy Jo Kim
Shufflebrain, Netflix, Ebay
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Stan Chudnovsky
Paypal, Goodreads, Wanelo
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Elliot Schmukler
Wealthfront, Linkedin
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Aaron Batalion
Living Social
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Andrew Chen
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Darius Contractor
PhotoSugar, Bebo
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Dave Kashen
Unleashed, Wellsphere
Eli Beit-Zuri headshot
Eli Beit-Zuri
Friendster, Tango
Jeff Chen headshot
Jeff Chen
Joyride, Aftershock Innovations
Jessica Alter headshot
Jessica Alter
FounderDating, Formative Labs
Mike Greenfield headshot
Mike Greenfield
Team Rankings, Circle of Moms
Ryan Holiday headshot
Ryan Holiday
Suren Markosian headshot
Suren Markosian
Tim Kashani headshot
Tim Kashani
ITMentors, Apples&Oranges Studios
Nir Eyal headshot
Nir Eyal
TechCrunch, Business Insider, Psychology Today
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Jim McCarthy
Yahoo, NexTag, BlueLithium, Announce Media
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Dan Barak
Facebook, BloggerBase

“Everything changed after we met Jim and Maven came on board. Jim helped us focus on our core strategy and articulate our unique vision — a fun, positive place to share your real self — and implement hyper-growth strategies. Since then, our growth has been explosive, reaching over 5M users in a year. Maven also went above and beyond to make critical intros to our most strategic investors in our $8.5M Series A round.”

John Shahidi
Co-Founder and CEO, Shots

“We worked closely with the Maven Ventures team in their incubator from the initial idea and vision for Epic! through our Series A. Not only were they incredibly helpful in the early days as we launched the company, but their introductions to Series A investors and guidance through that process was invaluable in raising a successful round.”

Suren Markosian
Founder and CEO, Epic!

“Maven Ventures has been an exceedingly-helpful investor. Their background in consumer startups gives them great insight into our business, and their introductions have been spot on.”

Eric Romo
CEO and Co-Founder, AltspaceVR

“Jim Scheinman at Maven has been one of our strongest supporters and most trusted and helpful advisors. He has been a great sounding board on strategy, product vision, and fundraising.”

Kyle Vogt
Founder and CEO, Cruise

“Jim and the Maven team are true partners and go the extra mile to support Pley. Jim’s insight on the product was instrumental for our growth, we met some of our most valuable advisors through the Maven ecosystem and the Maven team has played an important role with investor introductions through our fundraising efforts.”

Ranan Lachman
CEO and Co-Founder, Pley

“Maven was our first investor and has provided essential support and advice along the way. The Maven team transformed our initial pitch with feedback and training, and we ultimately raised an oversubscribed Seed round from world-class investors.”

Joe Du Bey
Co-Founder and CEO, Eden

“Probably the best decision we made in 2008 was bringing Jim on board. He mentored us through the fundraising process and has always been an invaluable, highly dependable resource for us to build our company. Jim has reached out to his network and helped us with a jump start that as a young startup we could have only dreamed about.”

Vikas Gupta
Co-founder and CEO, SocialGold. Founder and CEO, Wonder Workshop.

“From the start, Jim was instrumental in helping us focus our strategy on becoming the leading mobile video call platform. His insights and expertise in consumer UI, viral marketing, & the smartphone market are invaluable, as are his incredible senior level contacts in both the industry and the venture capital community. He’s also great to work with.”

Uri Raz
CEO and Co-Founder, Tango

“Jim played an integral part in shaping Check and helping us grow into the mobile personal finance leader we are today. Jim brought consumer experience and helped us successfully raise financing at a high valuation. He has also done a terrific job of recruiting and hiring top talent to the team, including our new COO, the former GM of Yahoo Finance!”

Guy Goldstein
CEO and Founder, Check

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